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Brands you love delivered to YOU. When an online retailer doesn't ship to Middle East and Africa. You can relay on our fast shipping service.

Get around shipping restrictions once and for all. When an online retailer doesn't ship to your country, just use Speedy Global. Register for a free account, and instantly get your own international forwarding addresses to use with online retailers. You can buy what you want from your favourite brands in the UK taking advantage of the sales and promotions that come with it.

How it works

When you sign-up, we provide you with your United Kingdom delivery addresses to shop “locally” in these international settings¬†


You Shop Online

Shop online with any UK, European merchant and Use your shopweship address at check out.


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Your package arrives at our Local processing facility, i.e: Your local Address.


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We deliver your goods in 5 to 8 business days from date it leaves our Local Processing Facility

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